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“Oftentimes, it’s hard to tell, unless there’s a suicide note, whether it was a suicide or unintentional.”

The report claims that the number of deaths by homicide rose in 2016 by 27 percent. Most of these fatalities were caused by firearms, cutting, or stabbing.

Exact numbers were published in a recent Time article. Overall, 9,716 adolescents perished by fatal injuries in 2016, which is an astounding 17 percent increase from numbers recorded just three years earlier.

The study also showed a sharp increase in both homicide and suicide rates. There were 1,963 children who died by homicide and a shocking 2,553 American children took their own lives that year.

Dr. Thomas Weiser of Stanford University Medical Center, when asked his thoughts on the study, claimed that this is something Americans need to worry about. The data here is “very concerning.”


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