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Twitter memes dunk all over JR Smith's blunder in NBA Finals

It's fair to ask LeBron if he talked to Smith about the cross-up, and even if he had an idea of Smith's mindset. I do not [take consolation]", James added.
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    Anna’s diastasis sadly worsened when she gave birth to her second child, Mattie

    Now, with the help of further physio – which she has once every six weeks – Anna is improving.

    And, while she says there is no quick fix for what her body has been through, she can run again in short stints without leaking or feeling heaviness.

    Now, she is speaking out to help teach other women about post-natal health, and encourage them to give their bodies a chance to heal.

    “It’s been a long road, but I’m slowly coming out the other side,” she said.

    “Every mum will have their own pregnancy journey, but it’s all about doing what’s best for you.

    “There’s a lot of pressure to get back out there, but many of these mother-and-baby fitness classes encourage exercises that are completely inappropriate.

    "With me, the symptoms were always there, but the classes I did certainly didn’t help.

    “You only get one body, and after something as major as giving birth, you’ve got to be kind to it.”

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