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Councils 'need greater tools to tackle childhood obesity'

A BMI of more than 40 means adults are severely obese , but in children it is based on reference growth charts for boys and girls .

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Deployed soldiers

Then-Sgt. 1st Class Frederick T. Slape, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, poses with his "Ramrod" mechanics during a deployment to Afghanistan in 2011.

When friends expressed concerns about Demi's weight, she told them she had glandular fever

When she first lost weight, Demi's dancing did improve - but soon she was skipping classes because of the condition.

She said: “After about six months, I started to get lots of concerned messages saying I was too thin.

“I told people I had glandular fever, because I was totally in denial about this being a problem.

“My mum, Colette, and my teacher tried to bring it up and tried to get me help.

“But I would flip out and get really angry. I didn’t want anyone to speak to me about it.

“It was like there was another person in my head, who was always telling me what to do.

“It’s like a lion versus a mouse – you can’t stop the lion taking over.”

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Army soldiers burning waste at an outpost in Iraq in 2007. The Pentagon has since restricted the use of such burn pits.