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One area he focuses on is helping cancer patients get back in shape after their treatments through fitness and nutrition, something he struggled with and still commits himself to as a pro athlete. He has yearly checkups to safeguard against long-term side effects from his treatment, including cardiac, pulmonary and fertility issues.

He also targets teenage patients, who he feels are a forgotten group. He said he’s thinking of donating about ,000 to the hospital to start specific programming for teens. He wants to bring together those recently diagnosed to survivors, not only for continuing education purposes but also for fun. He wants the first such event to be at a United game.

“It’s always the teenagers that identify with me that well because they see in me what they can become, whether it’s a professional athlete or whatever they want to be,” Lampson said. “It means a lot to me. It’s very humbling, and it keeps me doing what I’m doing.”

‘You give them such hope’

Back on that Tuesday visit, Lampson put on a paper gown and plastic gloves with practiced ease before seeing Parker Ehrreich, who has the same type of cancer Lampson did. They had met once before, but this time wasn’t as good a day for the 12-year-old. But the pair still talked about Ehrreich’s Avengers Lego set, and Lampson was able to coax a little smile out of him.