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 Anna, pictured with husband Michael and Lauren, consulted her GP for advice, but said she did not get many answers at first.
Demi eventually had to quit dancing to get herself well

Demi weighed 9 1/2 stone when she started dieting - and was a size 8 on top and a size 10-12 in trousers.

But, at her lowest, the then 16-year-old's clothes were hanging off her and she weighed just 7st.

She said: “When I first lost weight, I received compliments and was getting noticed a little bit more.

“I think I started to get addicted to the compliments, the weight loss and looking at the numbers on the scale.

“I was getting more and more pulled into it... I started taking photos and checking my body all the time.

“My eating disorder was based on a number on a scale. I would weigh myself 30 times a day.”


Denmark bans burkas and niqabs in public places

Denmark has joined several other European countries in banning the full-face veil worn by some Muslim women in public spaces. Zainab Ibn Hssain, who lives in Copenhagen and has been wearing the niqab for the past year , told Reuters: "It's not nice".

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