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"ethyl alcohol as a sole carbon source... isopropyl alcohol and Kleenol 30, two other cleaning agents commonly used..."

-Hmmm hydrocarbons... and all the landers and impactors we have sent out there to venus, the gas giants, titan, comets, all full of hydrocarbons...

"For planetary protection, this indicates that more stringent cleaning steps may be needed..."

-A little late don't you think?
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Trump’s summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is now back on .

Euro sinks in Asian trade

The factory Purchasing Managers' Index fell to a 15-month low of 55.5 from 56.2 in April, matching the flash estimate of 55.5. The dollar was mostly unchanged against the yen at 109.43, having found itself in a narrow range in the past four sessions.

"I'm glad they are doing something," she said Friday. "That was my hope in speaking out and telling Lee's story."