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After giving birth, Anna began experiencing an odd, heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach

“At the time, I wasn’t a post-natal personal trainer, so I didn’t know the dos and don’t of exercising after childbirth,” said Anna.

“I’ve always been very fit, so I threw myself into it. I almost felt I had something to prove.

“For many women, the pressure to bounce back, lose that baby weight and be back in your size eight jeans comes from magazines and celebrities, but in my case, it came from within.

“Fitness has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy it – it reduces stress and it’s my way of being there for myself.”

Cautious, Anna consulted her GP for advice, but said she did not get many answers at first.

She added: “Everyone thought it was just my body recovering, so I felt like I had to get on with things.”

When Lauren was five months old, Anna started leading fitness classes.

The exercise itself was no problem but, working out most days, her urinary incontinence worsened to the point where she struggled to teach.