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S2 Table. Echocardiography in chronically infected WT, PARP1+/-, and PARP1-/- mice.

Mice were infected with T. cruzi (10,000 parasites per mouse). Vevo 2100 ultrasound system was used to perform transthoracic echocardiography in B and M mode and pulse-wave Doppler (PWD) echocardiography to assess the left ventricular and mitral valve functions at 150 days’ post-infection (n = 8–12 mice per group, three recordings per mouse). Data are presented as mean value ± SEM. Statistical significance is plotted as * (normal vs. infected) and # (PARP1+/+.Tc vs. PARP1+/- .Tc or PARP1-/-.Tc) and presented as *,# <0.05, **,## p<0.01, ***,### p<0.001.