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Two-for-one junk food deals and selling sweets and chocolates around checkouts will reportedly be banned in supermarkets under a new Government campaign against child obesity.

A 9pm television watershed like that for violence and sex will also be introduced by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt for foods high in sugar and salt from 2020, the Telegraph claimed.

It said ministers were also considering barring cartoons and celebrities from promoting junk food and would consult on making it illegal to sell energy drinks to under-16s.

Unlimited refills of sugary soft drinks in restaurants may also be outlawed by the child obesity strategy, the newspaper claimed.

It said that consultations on restricting and banning certain sales would be launched before the end of 2018.

It cited the report as saying: “Where food is placed in shops and how it is promoted can influence the way we shop and it is more common for HFSS (high in fat sugar and salt) products to be placed in the most prominent places in store as well as sold on promotion, eg with ‘buy one get one free’ offers.”

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Over the course of nearly four months, the men dedicated several weeks to a specific eating schedule. The first 5 weeks involved eating for just 6 hours a day from 7am to 3pm; after that study period, they all took a 7 week break. Then for a control period, the participants spent the next 5 weeks eating normally.

Before and after the study period, researchers measured participants' insulin sensitivity, the body's ability to process sugar, as well as their blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels.

A the end of the study, all of the participants saw improvements in insulin sensitivity and blood pressure. No improvements in cholesterol or blood glucose were observed, something Peterson thinks might be a sign that those perks are closely tied to weight loss. Some people also experienced negative side effects like headaches, drowsiness, and increased thirst.

Those takeaways point to key places to start other studies, Peterson said.

"Our data suggests that no matter where you are [in terms of when you're eating], as long as it's a restricted window, there's a benefit."

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