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When friends expressed concerns about Demi's weight, she told them she had glandular fever

When she first lost weight, Demi's dancing did improve - but soon she was skipping classes because of the condition.

She said: “After about six months, I started to get lots of concerned messages saying I was too thin.

“I told people I had glandular fever, because I was totally in denial about this being a problem.

“My mum, Colette, and my teacher tried to bring it up and tried to get me help.

“But I would flip out and get really angry. I didn’t want anyone to speak to me about it.

“It was like there was another person in my head, who was always telling me what to do.

“It’s like a lion versus a mouse – you can’t stop the lion taking over.”

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 The make-up artist is open about her eating disorder on Instagram and YouTube.

Golden State Warriors withstand LeBron James’ 51 points to win opener

Thompson did not disclose what Green said. "It's going to happen". "It was a insane game", Curry said. James is ignoring the critics who say this annual matchup might be bad for basketball.
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