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Singapore Airlines to launch world’s longest commercial flights in October

Bill Browder arrested in Spain on Russian warrant, released shortly

Red Notice alerts are sent to Interpol member countries to locate and arrest specific people based on a national warrant. May 30, 2018In the back of the Spanish police auto going to the station on the Russian arrest warrant.

Juul’s team tried it in a group of 20 patients. Nine got poop transplants at the first sign of C. diff-related diarrhea, and 11 got the antibiotic metronidazole.

Five out of nine who got the fecal transplant were cured by a single transplant delivered by enema, and five of the 11 who got antibiotics were cured, the team reported. Their findings are being presented and discussed at a meeting of gastroenterologists called Digestive Disease Week.

Four days after the fecal transplant, three of the patients who still had diarrhea got antibiotics and two of them were cured. But giving more antibiotics to the six patients who got drugs to start with did not help them recover, the researchers said.