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For 18 long months, Anna was left feeling 'upset and embarrassed' about her problem

“The prolapse is something I’ll have to stay on top of my whole life, but the physio has helped enormously,” said Anna, whose experiences have inspired her to start mother and baby fitness classes called Team Mama.

“In lots of countries, women are given pelvic floor physio as standard after giving birth, but here, I felt I had to really fight for it.”

Though her prolapse has remained stable and urinary incontinence has improved, Anna’s diastasis sadly worsened when she gave birth to her second child, Mattie, on 7 August 2017.

Admitting that she had been nervous about getting pregnant again, she added: “Everything had come together quite well, thanks to the physio, then after Mattie it came back hugely.

“I could literally see my intestines through the skin. The gap between the two muscles was bigger than my hand. I still looked like I had a baby bump, too.

"All three of my conditions are hugely related, though.”