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She explained: “After my first gym class following Lauren’s birth, I leaked a little but thought it was just part and parcel of what my body had been through.

“But it continued until the point where it wasn’t just when I exercised.

"At times, I’d be left very distressed when I leaked through my clothes.”


For this trial, they gave each patient a single enema using fecal bacteria taken from a specially saved and frozen stool sample from a healthy donor on a Western diet. “Since 1994, the sample has been continuously cultivated in a laboratory under strict anaerobic conditions,” they wrote.

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Smarter & Faster! Xiaomi Reveals The New Mi 8 Flagship Phone

The higher end Explorer Edition offers 3D face unlock and also includes a pressure-sensitive in-display fingerprint sensor. A number of Xiaomi Redmi and MI smartphones are expected to get the Android P based MIUI 10 update.