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(KUTV) - The John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah reported Saturday that it will be notifying 607 patients of a potential disclosure of some of their information following a theft of electronic equipment.

A laptop computer and external storage device (used to take and store retinal images) were stolen from a locked storage unite at 65 Mario Capecchi Drive in Salt Lake City. The eye center learned about this theft on April 3, 2018.

The devices contained retinal images, full or partial name and dates of birth for patients and medical reference numbers for 602 infants and 5 adults, all of whom had images taken by Moran specialists conducting evaluations at the University of Utah Hospital and Primary Children's Hospital between July 1, 2014 and March 30, 2018.

No social security numbers or financials records were stored on either device. This investigation is still ongoing.

"As part of University of Utah Health, the John A. Moran Eye Center is fully committed to protecting the privacy of our patients," Randall J. Olson, CEO of the John A. Moran Eye Center, said in a statement. "I sincerely regret that personal information about any of our patients is ever exposed and especially so for children. While no financial information was disclosed, I understand the concerns that impacted patients and parents may have. For peace of mind, we are offering free credit monitoring for any child or adult whose data may have been compromised."

The Moran Eye Center is working to improve its policy and procedures and enhance security measures to reduce the risk of an event like this from happening again.

"Patient trust is fundamental to everything we do at the Moran Eye Center, and our team is conducting a comprehensive review of our policies, procedures, and security measures to ensure patient information is always protected," Olson said.

Impacted patients and parents or guardians will receive letters by U.S. mail. If you are an impacted individuals and you would like to ask a question about this situation, please call 855-349-6456 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. MDT Monday through Friday.