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    For today's World No Tobacco Day 2018, WHO has joined with the World Heart Federation and many other allies to raise awareness on the link between tobacco and cardiovascular diseases (CVD), which are the world's leading causes of death.

    "We have also raised excise taxes on tobacco products, educated Jamaicans on the health effects of tobacco smoke with a focus on youth, provided support for persons that want to quit smoking through our health facilities", said Dr Tamu Davidson, the director of non-communicable diseases at the Ministry of Health.

    "Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of heart disease and stroke by 20-30 per cent". These include a ban on smoking in indoor workplaces, public spaces and public transport, graphic health warnings on tobacco products, among other measures. It has also been revealed that 7.1% in Andhra use smokeless tobacco which was way lesser than the national average of 21.4%. "It quite literally breaks hearts", he said.

    The GATS stated that the awareness campaigns used to ask people to quit using tobacco, worked well.

    The high level of carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduces the amount of oxygen the blood carries, causing vital organs such as heart, lungs, brain don't receive enough oxygen to perform everyday functions. She added that by taking a robust control measure on tobacco, governments can safeguard their countries future by protecting tobacco users and non-users from these deadly products, generating revenues to fund health and other social services, and saving their environments from the ravages of tobacco, the only legal product that maims and kills.

    The Olympic Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) covers all enclosed places with public access, including the sporting venues, bars, restaurants and vehicles, as well as any enclosed place in the Olympic and Paralympic Villages. "This is why it is so important that countries accelerate the implementation of the FCTC". The number of smokers in the world has barely changed this century: it was also 1.1 billion in 2000.

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    This year, 65 patients sought treatement up to April this year, said Minister of Health Dato Paduka Dr Haji Mohd Isham bin Jaafar, in his message for World No Tobacco Day, which falls annually on May 31. However, the 2017 statistics show that the number of smokers has not dropped, moreover, the cigarette use has increased among both men and women. This is due to population growth, even as prevalence rates decline.

    Find a healthy snack food you can carry with you: Substitute smoking with a good snack like sugar- free lollipops, gum, celery sticks, sunflower seeds etc.

    Country response: Over half of all WHO Member States have reduced demand for tobacco, and nearly one in four are likely to meet the 30% reduction target by 2025.

    Many of us are now trying to quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes, but by using the devices we may be exposing ourselves to a new health risk. Currently, one in four countries have insufficient data to monitor their tobacco epidemic.

    "Surveys conducted around the world among children aged 13-15 years indicate that 24 million of them smoke. You may have heard this a million times, smoking is unsafe to your health, but we still want to remind you every time we have a chance", said Health Secretary Francisco Duque III during a press conference Thursday at the DOH Central office in Manila.